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System integration
+ i.LON Internet Servers
+ Software
+ Routers
+ Adapters
+ PLCA-22 Power line communication analyzer
+ Terminators
Intelligent i/o modules
Energy management
Power supply
i.LON® SmartServers
The i.LON® SmartServer - the latest addition to i.LON family of Internet servers provides exceptional features, solid construction, and the flexibility to monitor equipment from any global location. The i.LON® SmartServer makes it easy to develop and deploy energy-saving and control solutions for building automation systems, retail stores and quick-service restaurants, as well as for monitored street lighting systems.
The i.LON® SmartServer includes the field-proven capabilities of the i.LON® 100 e3 Internet Server plus much more:
Programmability - users can create own custom embedded applications and drivers
Direct access to the LNS® network database using SOAP/XML
Standalone Network Management Mode for smaller installations: up to 200 devices for PL-20 network and up to 64 devices for TP/FT-10 networks
Enhanced user interface
Built-in trend graphs
Dynamic functional block support
ModBus IP

Upgraded hardware

Standard applications (scheduling, data logging, alarm detection & dispatch, meter reading, analog functions and type translation) are accessible from built-in Web pages or via a SOAP/XMP interface
Complete system integration - possibility to integrate all business systems into one control networks via Ethernet, analog or GSM/GPRS modem
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i.LON® 100 e3 Internet Server
The i.LON® 100 e3 is designed for remote monitoring and control of a variety of device types, including LonWorks®, ModBus, M-Bus, and digital I/O devices, and pulse meters. It offers universal connectivity for the devices attached to it, making their data available to corporate IP networks and the Internet, and providing local device monitoring and control via built-in scheduling, alarming, and data-logging applications. The i.LON® 100 e3 is suitable for wide applications in building automation and various technological processes ensuring the access to the LON-devices via Internet, LAN, VPN.
Astronomical clock for lighting applications
i.LON® Vision Web authoring tool - the easiest way to create custom Web pages for the integrated Web server (requires separate purchase of Macromedia Contribute)
Optional IP-852 router for network expansion and for creating a high-speed backbone for large networks
Web binding makes it easy to connect between devices and applications using SOAP/XML
Remote network interface (RNI) provides seamless support for the LonMaker® Integration Tool and other tools based on LNS® or OpenLDV™
Supports the LonScanner™ Protocol Analyzer for fast, successful LonWorks® network deployment

Complete system integration - possibility to integrate all business systems into one control networks via Ethernet, analog or GSM/GPRS modem

Supports TP/FT-10 and PL-20
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i.LON 100e3_Quick Start Guide.pdf
i.LON 100e3_User's Guide.pdf
i.LON 100e3_Programmers Reference.pdf
i.LON 100e3_Hardware Guide.pdf
i.LON 100e3_Plug-in Supplement.pdf
i.LON600® LonWorks®/IP Server
High-performance EIA-852 layer 3 LonWorks® router between Ethernet and LonWorks® networks used as well as for data transmission between the individual segments of LON-control networks via Intranet/Internet (TCP/IP). The i.LON 600 includes LNS®, LonManager API, Echelon RNI and uses MD5 authentification for safe and secure device access. i.LON 600 allows the use of IP channel as a standard LonWorks pathway for control and configuration of the LON-devices via Internet or other network (LAN/WAN).
Four modes: repeater, bridge, configured or learning router
Supports LonWorks/IP channels up to 256 devices
Supports multiple units behind NAT firewalls
Supports TR/FT-10 and TP/XF-1250 channels.
Power input: 90-240 V AC/DC or 24V AC/DC.
More information:
i.LON 600 LonWorks IP Server_Quick Start Guide.pdf
i.LON 600 LonWorks IP Server_User's Guide.pdf
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LonMaker® Integration tool
The LonMaker® Integration Tool is a LonWorks® network tool that runs on the LNS® network operating system and uses Microsoft Visio® (Professional or Standard 2003) as a graphical user interface. The LNS® provides the set of directory, installation, management, monitoring, and control services used by the LonMaker® tool. In addition, the client/server architecture of LNS® allows multiple users running the LonMaker® tool on separate computers to access the LNS® server simultaneously and they can all work on the same LonWorks® network at the same time. The LonMaker® tool can be used to manage all phases of a network’s life cycle, from the initial design and commissioning to the ongoing operation, because it provides the functionality of several network tools in one single solution.
The LonMaker® Integration tool is available in two editions – the Professional Edition and the Standard Edition.
Streamlined interface for faster network design and installation
Recovers a design from an existing network to reduce maintenance costs for legacy systems
Includes Visio SmartShape® operator interface components for faster and easy design
Provides automatic connection-type selection to reduce common errors when specifying connections
Includes i.LON® support for easy integration with the Internet and other IP networks
Simplifies installation with integrated support for LNS® plug-ins and LONMARK® devices
Integrates easily with third-party tools and applications with an XML import/export capability
Supports remote access via LonWorks® or IP networks
Merges independent networks into a single network
More information: Datasheet PDF  

LonScanner™ Protocol Analyzer
The LonScanner™ allows users to monitor, analyze, and diagnose the behavior of installed LonWorks® networks. The LonScanner™ captures, analyzes, characterizes and displays all ANSI/CEA-709.1 packets on a channel for detailed analysis of network activity. The protocol analyzer can monitor up to 10 channels at once.

Supports various 709.1 network interfaces (i.LON® 100 and i.LON® 600 Internet servers, PCLTA Network adapter, U10 and U20 USB Network interface, PCC-10 PC card network adapter etc.)
Monitors IP-852 channels when used with an LNS® Turbo runtime
Monitors local and remote networks when used with i.LON® 100 or i.LON® 600 Internet servers
Supports sharing a network interface with LNS® applications including the LonMaker Integration tool
Displays network loading and error rate data in long-term trend graphs, allowing easy identification of excessive network traffic or errors
Displays comprehensive network statistics data to provide a detailed analysis of the networks status
More information: Datasheet PDF  
LNS® DDE Server
The LNS® DDE Server is a 32-bit LNS® software package that allows any DDE-compatible Microsoft Windows® application to monitor and control LonWorks® networks without programming. Typical applications include interfaces with HMI applications, data logging and trending applications, and graphical process display. The LNS® DDE Server connects LonWorks® networks to operator interfaces for control systems in buildings, factories, processing plants and other commercial and industrial applications.
Read, monitor, and modify the value of any network variable
Service and change configuration properties
Receive and send application messages
Test, enable, disable, and override LONMARK® objects
Test, wink, and control devices
More information: Datasheet PDF
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The R10-FTFT field module is a router designed for applications in the industry and utilities. It is suitable for creation of distributed control systems for data collection, for optimization of network traffic and channel traffic capacity; for increasing the total number of devices in the system and for decreasing the amount of cabling.
Router for two channels TP/FT-10 for free topology
Remote configuration
Three modes - repeater, configured router and learning router
Communication in compliance with ANSI/EIA 709
The module R10-FTPL3 is a two channel router with interface to a twisted pair channel TP/FT10 for free topology and interface to a channel PL-20 for power line, band A communication. PL-20 channel allows single and three phase connection. It is suitable for creation of distributed control systems for data collection, for optimization of network traffic and channel traffic capacity; for increasing the total number of devices in the system and for decreasing the amount of cabling.
Router for two channels TP/FT-10 and PL20
Remote configuration
Three modes - repeater, configured router and learning router
Communication in compliance with ANSI/EIA 709
LPR Router modules
The LPR modules are two channel routers that can interface two different twisted pair channels. LPR Router Modules can be used to create high speed backbones, optimize network traffic, extend the size of the network, as well as to create bridges to other channels containing third-party devices. LPR routers can be installed as repeaters, configured routers, or learning routers. The LPR routers may be used with either a Type 2 Base Plate (for use with 4” square electrical boxes) or a Type 2D DIN Base Plate (for wall, panel, or 35 mm DIN-rail mounting).
Router for TP/FT-10, TP/XF-78, and TP/XF-1250 LonWorks (ANSI/CEA-709.1) channels
Screw terminal wiring connections
16-30VAC or VDC operation
Network access from front panel jacks
Two-piece design cuts installation time and cost
More information: Datasheet PDF
Type 2 Base Plate
The Type 2 Base Plates are used with LPR router modules. Prior to being mounted to a suitable 4” square by 2” deep electrical box, the wiring is connected to color-coded, wire clamp style screw terminals on the rear of the Base Plate.
Allows pre-wiring and cable testing by an electrician prior to installing the electronics
Wires from 12-24AW (2 to 0.5mm) may be used
Power and network wiring are “looped” through each Base Plate, providing continuity during hot-plugging
More information: Datasheet PDF
Type 2D DIN Base Plate
The Type 2D DIN Base Plate are used with LPR router modules. The DIN Base Plates are designed to be installed on either 35mm x 7.5mm or 35mm x 15mm DIN. The Base Plates are shipped with a Jumper Plug that interconnects the power and network connections of adjacent DIN Base Plates without the need of any wiring.
Allows pre-wiring and cable testing by an electrician prior to installing the electronics
Wires from 12-24AW (2 to 0.5mm) may be used
Power and network wiring are "looped" through each Base Plate, providing continuity during hot-plugging
More information: Datasheet PDF
MRP-50 Multi-port router
The MPR-50 Multi-Port Router performs ANSI/CEA-709.1 compliant routing among five channels: one TP/XF-1250 and four TP/FT-10 channels. It may be used as a 2-way, 3-way, or 4-way TP/FT-10–to–TP/FT-10 router, or in any combination with the TP/XF-1250 router. The MPR-50 helps reduce the number of routing devices in multi-channel networks, reducing both installation cost and time.
The Multi-port router can be installed by both LNS® and non LNS based network tools, including the LonMaker Integration Tool.
High network throughput and performance
Flexible 9-28VAC 40-70Hz, 9-35VDC power input
All five channels are individually accessible from 3.5mm mono phone jacks on the front panel
DIN rail and wall mount compatible
Intelligent LONMARK® certified monitor
More information: Datasheet PDF
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i.LON® 10 Ethernet adapter
The i.LON® 10 is a low-cost, high performance interface that connects LonWorks® networks to TCP/IP Ethernet networks for residential, commercial, and utility applications.
Twisted pair (TP/XF-FT-10) LonWorks® channel support
10 BaseT broadband connection or PPP dial-up connection using an external modem
Compatible with NAT for operation behind firewalls
Static or acquired (DHCP) IP address
Local or remote configuration via built-in configuration web page
MD5 secured communications
More information: Datasheet PDF
PCC-10 PC card
The PCC-10 Network Adapter is a high-performance interface equipped with Type II PC card interface and compatible operating system. The PCC-10 adapter is designed for use in LonWorks control networks that require a PC to monitor, manage or diagnose the network. Its compact and integral FTT-10A twisted pair transceiver make it well suited for use by installation and service personnel of industrial automation, building controls, entertainment/lighting systems, and telecommunication systems. External transceiver pods are available for TPT/XF-78 and TPT/XF-1250 transceivers.
Plug-and-play capability with Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000 and Windows NT
Downloadable memory
LNS networks services interface supports LNS® applications
Network drivers for Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Server 2003 and Windows NT
More information: Datasheet PDF
SLTA-10 Serial adapter
The SLTA-10 is an EIA-232 compatible serial device that allows any host with an EIA-232 interface and compatible operating system to communicate with a LonWorks® network. The SLTA-10 adapter has two modes of operation: NSI and MIP modes. The NSI mode is compatible with LNS-based applications such as the LonMaker® integration tool. The MIP mode is compatible with legacy applications based on the LonManager API. An externally accessible DIP switch determines the mode of operation.
Direct serial and external analog modem support.
Integral FTT-10A, TPT/XF-78 or TPT/XF-1250 transceiver
Configuration DIP switches accessible without disassembly of the chassis
More information: Datasheet PDF
PCLTA-21 PCI Network adapter
The PCLTA-21 is a universal 32-bit PCI adapter card for LonWorks® networks for PCs with a 3.3V or 5V PCI interface and a compatible operating system. The PCLTA-21 card features an integral twisted pair transceiver, RS-485, TPT/XF-78 or TPT/XF-1250 transceivers.
Plug-and-play network driver compatible with Microsoft Windows 98/2000 and Windows XP/2003
Downloadable memory
LNS networks services interface supports LNS® applications
Layer 5 MIP for use with open LDV driver
More information: Datasheet PDF
U10/U20 USB Network interface
The U10 and U20 USB Network Interfaces are low-cost, high-performance LonWorks interfaces for USB-enabled PCs. The U10 USB Network Interface connects directly to TP/FT-10 Free Topology Twisted Pair LonWorks channels through a high quality removable connector, and is fully compatible with link powered channels. The U20 USB Network Interface connects to PL-20 C-Band Power Line LonWorks channels through an included wall-plug coupling circuit/power supply (included).
Plug-and-play drivers for Windows XP, 2000 and Server 2003
Functions as an LNS High Performance Network Interface when used with LNS 3 and LNS Turbo edition
Compatible with Open LDV applications and LonScanner™ Protocol analyzer
Rugged design
More information: Datasheet PDF
MR8-PL Interface adapter
The MR8-PL interface adapter is a field module designed for use in systems for remote reading and control of the consumption of electric and heat energy, water, gas etc. The interface adapter allows simultaneous two-way communication with six metering devices.
Two digital outputs for tariff control and other specific functions
Free parameter configuration of each input
Possibility for operation with various types of metering devices
Power line communication in compliance with ANSI/EIA 709.2-A-2000
More information: Datasheet PDF
RFLX2 Interface adapter
The RFLX2 Interface adapter is designed for digital processing of signals. The adapter is suitable for use with inductive meters.
IRX1 IrDA fixed rate receiver
The IRX1 is an interface adapter that transfers IrDA output of metering equipment to RS-232 signals at 2400 bits/s.
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PLCA-22 Power line communication analyzer

The PLCA-22 power line communication analyzer provides a simple, cost-effective method for field testing the operation and suitability of Echelon’s PLT-22 transceiver for any application. By using the PLCA-22 users can quickly identify if routers, conditioning devices or booster amplifiers are needed.

Analyzes power line signaling performance and signal margin of the PLT-22 power line transceiver.

Determines power circuit phase.
Supports virtually and AC or DC mains voltage, or un-powered wire.
Ideal for testing the power line performance of PLT-22-based nodes.
RS-232 port for data logging.
More information: Datasheet PDF
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The Terminator modules are designed to provide electrical termination for twisted pair channels. In a free topology TP/FT-10 segment, one terminator is required, and may be placed anywhere on the segment. In a bus topology TP/FT-10 channel, two terminators are required—one at each end of the bus. Bus topology TP/XF-78 and TP/XF-1250 channels require two terminators.
The insulated covering over the terminators permits them to be mounted behind LonPoint Type 1 or Type 2 Base Plates, in junction boxes, or in electrical enclosures. The terminators are passive devices and do not require electrical power.
More information: Datasheet PDF
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