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Systems for real-time remote monitoring and control
UNICOM Microsystems Ltd. is specialized in designing and installing of distributed control systems for use in the industry and utility sectors.
The main functions of the systems are:

real-time data collection for the current status of the processes
process visualization
parameters' reading and boundary control, alarm notification when the parameters under control come out of the pre-set limits
built-in scheduler for local control based on date, day, and time of day
data logging that collects process data and network activity for use by trending, reporting, and analysis applications
The distributed control systems are based on LonWorks® technology that allows the creation of truly open, wide range control systems. The communication is carried over a cable - twisted pair, power line, Ethernet, radio channel, optics etc.
The use of LonWorks technology results in lower costs for delivery, deployment and maintenance of the control network. This is achieved by the reduced amount of the cabling and cable connections, and the ability of the system to perform self-diagnostics. These systems offer high operating safety as a result of the distributed intelligence among the field devices - when a failure appears in one of the field nodes, the system will decrease its efficiency insignificantly.
Road tunnel lighting control systems
The road tunnel lighting control system is intended to monitor and control the lighting system depending on the brightness in the road tunnel entrance zone. It complies with the international standards for the lighting of road tunnels recommended by the International Commission on Illumination (C.I.E).
Main components of UNICOM Microsystems' road tunnel lighting control system comprise:
A luminance photometer to continuously measure the brightness of the road tunnel entrance
LON nodes and i.LON Internet server that are working together on a FT10 channel. They control automatically the luminaires in the tunnel entrance interior to accord with changes of exterior daylight levels. Data transmission to the controller's desk is performed by the web server - i.LON, using standard TCP/IP protocol.
The system provides networks interface for monitoring, configuration and maintenance of the lighting system, data concentrator for remote data-logging and visual data reporting, control according to the pre-assigned calendar schedule, and alarm parameter monitoring and notification. These system's features benefits in increased driver safety, installation and energy cost savings, reduced and simplified maintenance.
Research and Development
UNICOM Microsystems Ltd. develops and manufactures customized products and systems - hardware and software design, procurement and manufacture of small to medium size series, test and control.
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