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UNICOM Microsystems Ltd. is a private owned Bulgarian company established in 1994. We are specialised in designing, manufacturing, procurement, engineering and maintenance of products and systems for remote monitoring, data acquisition, control and automation of processes in the power generation, metallurgy and metal processing industries, heat, electric and water distribution facilities and other applications in the industry and utilities.

System integration
Intelligent I/O modules
Energy management
Power supply
•Systems for real-time remote monitoring and control
• Systems for energy data management
• Systems for remote reading and control of consumption of electric and heat energy, water and gas
• Systems for monitoring and control of street lighting
• Road tunnel lighting control systems
• Building Management Systems (BMS)
• Intelligent homes
• Systems for remote video surveillance and access control
• Fire alarm systems
• Systems for monitoring and control of critical control points in compliance with HACCP
• Systems for reporting and visualization of sport, technical and other types of information
• Research and Development
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